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Frequently Asked Questions

Are we locked in the room?2022-12-16T23:16:35+00:00

No, we never lock the entrance to our rooms. Any room that does lock (either on purpose or accidentally) will have an emergency release button that can be pressed in an emergency and have an alternative exit. Either way, you will always be able to leave the room if you need to use the washroom or exit for any other reason.

Are your experiences private?2020-07-21T17:58:53+00:00

Yes, no other group will be put into the same room as you.

Should I stay home if I am feeling sick?2020-07-21T17:48:58+00:00

Absolutely, if you have symptoms of Covid-19, please stay home.

What extra steps are you taking to keep your facility safe and clean?2021-07-08T19:57:11+00:00

We have taken many steps to protect our employees and customers. Below are a few of them:

  • Customers will be required to stay home if they are ill or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19.
  • Customers must wear a mask whilst in the facility. If you do not have one, they are available for purchase at our facility.
  • We have added more time between experiences to allow for the room to be properly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Quick, non-contact temperature checks will be completed upon entry into the facility. If someone has a high temperature, they will not be allowed to play.
  • In the interim, customers will be required to wait in their vehicles and be called in when we are ready for them. This prevents mass gathering.
  • We encourage all customers to use contactless payment methods.
  • All employees will be required to monitor their symptoms and complete a symptom check survey every day. They will also be required to wear a mask.
  • Open bags of popcorn will no longer be prepared (until it is safe to do so).
  • Customers are encouraged to make frequent use of the multiple hand sanitizer stations set up around the building.

We are confident that we are taking the necessary steps to keep you and our employees as safe as we can. If you have any questions regarding our new process, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you require masks to be worn?2022-12-16T22:35:53+00:00

Masks are optional. Feel free to do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

How do I access the game?2020-06-01T17:58:38+00:00

When you book you will receive 2 emails. The first one is a standard booking confirmation and shortly after that you will receive an email with the instructions to access your booking. It is recommended to share/forward the instruction email to the other players prior to your game time to avoid any time deductions or confusion.

What do I need to play?2020-06-01T18:05:36+00:00

In order to play, each member of your group will need access to a computer and an internet connection. Chrome browser is recommended. A mouse is recommended to navigate the room in the easiest way possible.

What is the cancellation policy for a virtual game?2020-05-29T19:58:24+00:00

You may cancel your booking with no charge up to 24 hours before your scheduled start time. If you wish to cancel within that time, you may be charged a $50 cancellation fee.

Do you accept walk in bookings?2019-03-30T20:29:04+00:00

We do accept walk ins, however, it is subject to availability. It is best to book ahead of time to ensure you get the room and time you want. Keep in mind, our facility may only be staffed if there are bookings. If there are no bookings, there may not be someone on the premises even if we are scheduled to be open.

What is your cancellation policy?2023-08-16T19:44:18+00:00

You may cancel your booking with no charge up to 24 hours before your scheduled start time. If you wish to cancel within that time, you may be charged a $80 cancellation fee. If you booked online and paid the $80 deposit, we will simply keep the deposit in place of the cancellation fee.

Is the package price per person?2022-12-16T22:38:18+00:00

Yes, it is charged per person. A single package cannot be used for multiple people. Each person that would like to use a package to pay for their admission will need to purchase one separately.

Do you offer large group rates?2019-03-30T20:19:07+00:00

We do offer group rates. Please contact us for more information.

Do you have a party room or allow food in your facility?2019-03-30T20:18:24+00:00

Unfortunately we no longer have a party room and therefore do not often allow food inside our facility. Under certain circumstances, we can make an exception if the entire facility is booked out.

Is alcohol allowed in your facility?2019-03-30T20:15:12+00:00

No. There are no alcoholic beverages allowed in our facility. We reserve the right to turn away anyone who we suspect may be under the influence.

Is your facility accessible?2019-03-30T20:14:21+00:00

Unfortunately the building is not fully accessible. There is a 1 foot elevation to get into the building.

Is there parking at your facility?2019-03-30T20:13:00+00:00

We have plenty of parking at our facility. No meters, no fees.

Do I need to be athletic to play?2019-03-30T20:12:24+00:00

No. There is no need to be athletic to play our escape games. However, it is recommended that you dress comfortably (comfortable shoes and clothes).

I haven’t received my deposit back yet. When can I expect it?2022-12-16T22:39:44+00:00

When you book online a $80 deposit is collected and is refunded once you arrive at the facility. It can however take up to 8 business days for it to appear on your statement. If it goes beyond this period, feel free to contact us and we will look into it further.

What happens if I arrive late?2019-03-30T20:09:27+00:00

We ask that you plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time. There are plenty of fun, exciting activities that you can do in the lobby while you’re waiting for your game to start. The timer will start at the scheduled time.

What is an escape room?2019-03-30T20:00:11+00:00

An escape room/game is a dynamic, fun, team building activity. It started in Japan years ago and now is sweeping the rest of the world as a new exciting form of entertainment. You and your friends/colleagues are locked in a room and have to solve various puzzles in order to escape before the timer runs out!

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